How to select a search firm

Choosing a search firm is an important decision.

The outcome of that decision affects not only your company’s profitability, it also has a direct impact on your organization’s culture.
You make a statement to your entire company every time a new person joins your firm. The quality of the individual you hire and their ability to make a major contribution sends a message throughout your organization reflecting on your company’s future prospects.
Clients have told us the criteria they use to select a search firm is based upon:
Comfort Level With Search Consultant
  • Does the Search Consultant understand what I am trying to accomplish?
  • Can they represent my company in a professional manner?
  • Are they going to do the work or will they hand it off to a junior associate and spend their time looking for their next search assignment?
  • How committed are they to my success?
Search Firm Credibility
  • How long has the Search Firm been in business?
  • Do they have the resources to complete my search?
  • What is the caliber of their other clients?
Proven Process
  • Does the Search Firm have a process that will solve my problem?
  • Do I understand how that process benefits me?
Length Of Time Before Position Is Filled
  • How long does it take to complete a search?
  • How can the timetable be sped up?
  • What can delay it?

At Tallmadge & Hill we realize that our relationship with each client will either grow or cease based upon our ability to deliver outstanding results.