How we're different

Over twenty-five years of helping our clients solve their problems has taught us many things.

We have learned that every client needs to understand how Tallmadge & Hill will help them reach their goals.
We Partner With Our Clients
We match our level of commitment with our client’s level of commitment. We have a full understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each other. This way, our clients have an exact understanding of what our deliverables will be as a search firm.
We Focus On The Problem, Not Just The “Specs”
Each problem is unique. Our job is to understand the problem that needs to be solved and bring candidates who have solved that problem in the past. This singular focus allows for a larger candidate pool and greatly increases the odds of landing the best possible candidate.
We Define A Candidate Differently
Our definition of a candidate is someone who has a track record of solving the exact problem, can be attracted by what you have to offer, and will make a decision now. With this focus, our clients do not waste their time interviewing candidates they can not attract, or candidates that can not solve their problem.
We Are Flexible
Each project is tailored to our client’s specific needs. Whether a client has to find a key individual or build an entire department, Tallmadge & Hill can assemble a team designed to meet the needs of our client at any level.
We Have A Defined Search Process
We have adapted and refined our search process based on the best practices and experience gained from working with many leading companies. Our clients have found comfort in knowing that our process has delivered superior results time and time again.
We Complete Searches In A Reasonable Time Frame
Time is a precious commodity in business. Experience has taught us that on average each search takes between 60 to 90 days to complete. This knowledge allows our clients to better plan in order to achieve their goals.