Candidate Acquisition Process


Upfront to gain full understanding of problem to be solved, why someone would want to solve and reward for solving.


Identification of every viable candidate at any viable company, vendor, supplier to ensure no stone is left unturned to find the ideal candidate for all engaged searches.

Contact Strategy

Creation of compelling contact strategy and presentation to gain interest of “A” players and ensure every viable candidate is aware of opportunity.


To ensure clients are given opportunity to interview all “A” players every person is taken through 3 steps – identification, qualification, and persuasion.


Each Candidate Executive Summary includes why candidate is a fit, why interested in opportunity and motivators plus resume and references so client has information to sell opportunity and address concerns during interview process.


Each candidate and hiring manager is prepared prior and debriefed after each interview so both have clear understanding of other’s expectations, questions, considerations.

Offer and Acceptance

We help craft offer to ensure you dramatically increase odds of landing candidate of choice.


With client and hire for years after to ensure a smooth transition. This is why we can offer our clients a 5 year Replacement Program.