How To Create A Culture That Boosts Productivity

Culture has become the watchword of the 21st century. Companies that have changed their focus from production to culture have seen a decrease in accidents, sick days, and absenteeism. Looking at these successes, what can you do to bring a positive culture into your company?

Value and Commitment

Many employees spend more time at work than they do at home, and when employers acknowledge that fact, it can go a long way in fostering a positive atmosphere. Letting your employees know you appreciate them through a fair reward system, recognition, and a good word can make them feel like part of the team. Avoid “churn and burn” – where companies use employees until they are no longer productive and then replace them with others. Your team members have their own life and goals, and they need a supportive environment to flourish.

Invest in Them and They Will Stay

Investing in your employees can foster a positive culture in the workplace. Giving them opportunities to improve and succeed provides upward mobility and shows that the company values their contributions. Being considerate of their work/life balance is also crucial, especially if a company does not have the resources to implement the more expensive measures suggested.

Make it Fun

A workplace where you can work hard while having fun is a leading factor of companies that are known for their positive work cultures. A critical first step toward creating this sought-after culture is to avoid office politics such as gossip and pettiness. Then, strive to provide cool incentives to your employees, such as free meals, travel, and training opportunities. Being happy at work means employees have great attitudes, improved longevity, and greater output. These simple steps can do wonders and turn a dying company into one of the best places to work in no time.

By Tallmadge Hill

February 17, 2021