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3004, 2024

How To Answer An Open-Ended Question From A Candidate

April 30th, 2024|Categories: Blogs, Uncategorized|

By Marlo Lyons, Harvard Business Review, April 26, 2024 While interviewers often assume they hold all the power during the interview process, candidates are increasingly asking more insightful questions to assess whether they should make a move to a new company. Just as candidates prepare for interviews, interviewers need to be ready to answer open-ended questions from candidates because the responses could either ignite their enthusiasm or dampen their interest in the opportunity. Here are five strategies for interviewers to prepare for and address open-ended questions, [...]

2903, 2024

When New Hires Get Paid More…

March 29th, 2024|Categories: Blogs, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , |

By Andrea Derler, Peter Bamberger, Manda Winlaw, and Cuthbert Chow, Harvard Business Review, March 5, 2024 To attract top talent, employers often pay new hires more than they pay existing employees in equivalent roles. This isn’t new. But today, regulatory changes and technological advances have dramatically increased pay transparency in many sectors, making employees more aware of these pay disparities. Moreover, data from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce indicates that the workforce is expected to shrink in 2024, while a global survey of more than 30,000 [...]

2902, 2024

Is It Every OK To Host An 8 AM Meeting?

February 29th, 2024|Categories: Blogs, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , , , , , , |

By Ann-Marie Alcántara, WSJ, February 25 2024 Your calendar is full of meetings. There are weekly check-ins, one-on-ones, hybrid planning calls, the meeting before the meeting and the meeting after the meeting. One gathering inflames passions like no other: the 8 a.m. meeting. Whether an early-morning meeting is a must-do or sign of management overreach depends on your feelings about work-life boundaries, and sometimes, your rung on the corporate ladder. Early-morning work hours are a hallmark of the finance and healthcare industries as well as [...]

3101, 2024


January 31st, 2024|Categories: Blogs, Uncategorized|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

By Dr. Richard Osibanjo (Forbes, December 30, 2023) As the New Year unfolds, many people embark on ambitious resolutions, only to see them unravel within the first month. The lack of depth, infrastructure, and support systems often hinder sustained progress when life becomes hectic. Imagine trying to slim down but checking progress only once a year – this sporadic approach is a recipe for disappointment. To ensure 2024 becomes your most successful year yet, consider these practical steps: . #1 Make self-reflection a habit: Self-reflection is [...]

1711, 2023

Onboarding Can Make or Break a New Hire’s Experience

November 17th, 2023|Categories: Blogs, Uncategorized|

By Sinazo Sibisi and Gys Kappers (Harvard Business Review, April 5, 2022) Although most of the rhetoric around the Great Resignation is centered on American workers in office jobs, labor shortages are growing around the globe in a wide range of sectors and types of roles. Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia are also in the midst of labor market turbulence, relating to both so-called “skilled” and “unskilled” labor. As the world’s labor market continues to shift, the companies that retain key talent and invest in [...]

2809, 2023

Elevating The Game

September 28th, 2023|Categories: Blogs, Uncategorized|

The concept of having a best friend may seem more appropriate for schoolyard conversations than workplace ones. Although there is no need for friendship bracelets to be exchanged across cubicle walls, there is most certainly a need for significant connections within the workplace in service of employee contribution and retention. The best employers recognize that loyalty doesn’t solely exist to the company; it exists at a much deeper level - among employees toward one another. All employees have moments when they examine their professional situation; as [...]

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